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Online casinos are not just playing digitally!

The pioneering Grand Casino Basel, followed by the Grand Casino Baden, are digitising not only gaming but also financial accounting, thanks to ReconHub!

Like many things in recent months, casino gaming has also gone digital. When applying to operate an online casino with the Swiss Casino Association, under the strict controls of the Swiss Federal Gaming Commission (SFGB), the Grand Casino Basel also faced the question, which payment methods would they offer their customers online.

Whilst the usual payment methods at the Grand Casino are tightly managed in terms of control and accounting, the complexity of payment options in the online world is many times greater and has always challenged the finance department.

But why shouldn’t casinos be open to all the possible online payment methods in the world?

If a guest had physically chosen to go to a casino, he would choose one of the offered payment methods, because switching casinos isn’t usually a simple option. On the web, however, the guest has the option of switching between different casinos with just a few clicks. One way of preventing a customer from switching is by providing the flexibility to accept his preferred payment method. This implies that it is essential to offer a wide range of different payment options.

Increased expenditure in accounting is avoidable!

To support this, the Grand Casino Basel and the Casino Baden have decided to automate their revenue reconciliation with ReconHub. Thanks to ReconHub, the casino now has the advantage of being able to easily reconcile all transactions with their bank balance, regardless of whether processed online or face to face. This means that despite entering the digital and thus much more complex world of online payment options, there is no increased effort for the accounting team.

About ReconHub

ReconHub is a software solution delivering 100% digital revenue control and accounting, regardless of the method or location of the payment. For more information about ReconHub, visit our website.

It won't be long before cryptocurrencies are used for payment in online casinos and booked without any problems, just as some marketplace merchants are already doing with ReconHub.

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Christian Vetsch

Christian is partner at Abrantix and he is responsible for client care. He works in the payment industry since 1991 a has tremendous knowledge and experience in the payment industry. With a strong national and international network he places a great deal of value on direct client contact.

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