Contact Card Multiplexer 16 card

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Contact Card Multiplexer 16 card

If you need to test with test cards you can use the contact card multiplexer to get access to 16 cards through one card probe. The contact card multiplexer can be chained. This means that you can use as many card mux as you like, containing as many cards as you like.

The card mux comes in a 19 inch rack mount version. If you put the card mux into a lockable 19 inch rack, you can store your test cards in a secure place and you will never lose the test cards again.


  • 2 U 19 inch rack mount version or table top version with rubber feet.
  • Mux can be chained allowing to access as many cards as you like
  • Can be used with combined magstripe / chip card probe
  • Easy to use card selection application
  • Rest API for integration into existing test automation frameworks
  • 100% compliant with Abrantix PaytestHub test automation cloud

Technical Specifications

Compatible with: ISO-7816 chip cards with 1.8V, 3.3V and 5V supply
Supports: T = 0, T = 1 and non-standard protocols
Support Cards: Up to 5MHz
ISO-7816 pins are routed: C1 (VCC), C2 (RST), C3 (CLK), c5 (GND), c7 (I / O)
* Supported Configurations: Stacking up to a max of 8 multiplexers (up to 256 cards)
Control Interface: RJ45 10/100 standard ethernet by UDP commands. The device acts as a dhcp client
Power Consumption: Max. 5V 1A
Package contents: 1 x CardMux-16, 1 x Chipcard Probe, 1x Power supply with multi-country blades (North America, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia), 1 x RJ45 cable
Weight: 2.9kg
Length: 22cm
Width: 48.26cm (19inch)
Height: 8.89cm (2 U)
Depth: 15.8cm

* The overall cable length between card and reader should not exceed 2m.

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