EFTPOS Terminal Testing Robot T1 Gen2

$ 15,000.00
excl. VAT

EFTPOS Terminal Testing Robot T1 Gen2

Test automation is one of the biggest challenges of the EFTPOS industry. There is a fast growth of features and capabilities for EFTPOS terminals. As a result, QA is confronted with increased workload and becomes the bottleneck in the release cycle. The Robot can help you to automate your testing.

Industrial strength EFTPOS Terminal Test Robot. Strong aluminum cage, three stepper engines, X / Y / Z cartesian coordinates system, fits every EFTPOS Terminal Model.

The robot can perform up to 4000 test runs per day, depending on the testing environment.

Use cases:

  • Acquirer Integration Testing (EMV Compliance), MTIP, ADTV, EMV Level 3
  • Merchant POS Environment testing, Cash register with integrated payment terminal
  • Vending Machine and Petrol payment testing
  • Hardware testing for terminal manufacturers

Robot package includes:

  • The Robot
  • Robotic arm for card insertion
  • Power supply with power cord
  • USB cable
  • Screws for the terminal adapter
  • Additional finger for PIN press (60 mm)
  • Screwdriver, multi-tool that works for all screws on the robot.

You can find more use cases on our youtube video channel.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 6.4kg
Length: 30 cm
Width: 26cm
Height: 27.2cm
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