Interac USA Interop EMV™ Test Card Set (3 cards)

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Interac USA Interop EMV™ Test Card Set (3 cards)

Designed specifically for the US market, this 3-card set contains personalized cards to match the various configurations of Interac cards issued in Canada.

Two of the cards include the Interac application as well as a global payment brand (aka co-badged debit and credit cards).

The US payment industry is attempting to provide guidance to US merchants to help prevent transaction processing issues related to incorrect AID selection for Canadian issued cards, causing interoperability issues resulting in a poor cardholder experience. Using the UL Interac USA Interop EMV Test Card Set you can test your EMV solution to ensure it processes Canadian issued cards properly before it is deployed.

The set is relevant to merchants who support Interac as well as merchants who do not and want to ensure their EMV solution correctly selects the global payment brand application.

This card set expires 12/2022.

The test cards are governed by the B2PS Terms and Conditions, which can be found here. When buying and using these test cards, you agree to these conditions.

Card details

  • Test Card 01 - Interac, 450644 ****** 1933, Canadian Issued Interac Only
  • Test Card 02 - Interac, 476173 ****** 0176, Canadian Issued Visa Debit and Interac
  • Test Card 03 - Interac, 476173 ****** 0176, Canadian Issued Visa Credit and Interac

Note:   Card images may not reflect current card definitions. Please refer to product documentation for details.

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