payment technology.

We deliver best-in-class, secure payment solutions and have set industry standards and led the market with innovative payment technologies since 2001.
When it comes to financial transactions, we know what we are talking about.
Developing new technologies and software is one thing. Doing it for the payment industry is another. We offer both, extensive expertise in software development and robotics, combined with the necessary know-how to ensure secure and frictionless financial transactions. That is what makes us unique.
Technology & IT
Test Automation
Software Engineering
Corporate Services
Roger Niederer
chief executive officer_

As of 01 September 2022, Roger has taken over the management of Abrantix as CEO, with the aim of internationalizing the paytech company and further driving the growth trajectory that has been initiated. He brings many years of experience in various leadership positions to the table and complements the existing knowledge.

CEO of Abrantix since September 2022
Previously various roles at Wordline Merchant Services, SIX Pament Services, PayLife Bank GmbH, SIX Group
Martin Gloor
chief product officer_

With his vast experience in developing new products in the payment industry and his deep understanding of the market and technology, Martin has been with Abrantix for over 10 years in various roles. He is part of the Board since 2019 and is responsible for the global product management of Abrantix as well as for our Australian operations.


Chief Product Officer & Country Head Australia
Head of Test Automation 2019-2022
Key product co-developer at Abrantix since 2007
Previous roles as Software Engineer at Exidio Oy, SIX Card Solutions and Soplex AG

Luzi Tiefenauer
chief technology officer_

For over 10 years, Luzi's passion for technology has shaped the development of payment software at Abrantix. He brings his ability to analyze the most complex problems and develop elegant solutions to the management team as CTO since 2022.
As CTO, he is responsible for the architecture and technical implementation of all our products.


Chief Technology Officer
Previously leading function in payment software engineering & technical lead in product development.
Loyal to Abrantix since 2009

Daniel Eckstein
chair of the board_

As founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors Daniel is responsible for the development of our company. As a visionary and lateral thinker, this role is a perfect match for him. He is the driving force behind the innovative developments at Abrantix.


Founder & Chairman & CVO
CEO of Abrantix from 2001-2022
Previously various roles at Soplex AG, 3C-Systems-AG, EPSYS AG


We are writing the future of payment technology.

We are constantly looking and thinking ahead, keep our eyes on new ideas and innovations worldwide. Whenever we see potential and a chance to cooperate, we support start-ups with technology they need to enter the market. As a leading technology provider, we see it as our responsibility to continuously improve payment technology standards and support innovative thinking within the whole industry.

Fin-Tech and automation developments
Start-up technology supply
New payment solutions enabling

We love what we do
and that shapes our mindset

>> Work smart, live well_
  • Performance rewards
  • Teamwork
  • Self-improvement
  • Work-life balance
>> Do whatever works best_
  • Customer-centric
  • Outcome over process
  • Output over hours
  • Reliability
>> Trust more, impose less_
  • Full transparency
  • Empowerement over control
  • Common interests
  • All information accessible
>> Share and inspire_
  • Communication first
  • Cross-departmental work
  • Thirst for excellence
  • Motivation and support
>> Be proud of what you do_
  • Commitment and ownership
  • Responsibility
  • Identification
  • Strive for success
>> Always think fast forward_
  • Curiosity and lateral thinking
  • Change-friendly
  • Anti-status-quo
  • Courage
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