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Multiple Payment Terminal Testing with the new Robot T4

Easily scale your EFT/POS-Terminal tests!

If you want to run tests on real, physical payment terminals, there is no real alternative to a robotic solution. At Abrantix, we have been offering robot based test solutions for a long time. Our extensive experience in this field gained from having worked with many with partners and clients has led us to deliver our latest and significantly improved test robot: Robot T4:

Imagine testing multiple terminals at the same time, using a purpose-built robot of industrial-level quality, for thousands of test repetitions. We make this a reality, with Robot T4.

Scaling made easy

Our long-term experience gained from interactions with our clients has led us to understand that scaling robotic testing for payment terminals is a key feature that the market desires.

If you are a payments company, chances are that you have multiple terminal models in the field. For example, a model for counter tops, a mobile version and a version optimized for integrated checkout experiences. Many of these models staying in the market for a long time, however they eventually will be superseded by newer terminal lines, as seen in the last few years with the global advance of Android terminals. This means that you could easily have over 10 terminal models in the market that need continuous testing.

Many robots would be required to test such a terminal fleet. Or you could embark on a project to create some custom solution with some generic robotics. This is usually a lengthy and pricy undertaking that is even harder to scale.

With Robot T4, we have introduced a better solution: Purpose-built EFT/POS Terminal Testing Robot, of industrial-level quality, supporting simultaneous testing of up to four terminals!

Robot T4 features

Here are some of the main features of Robot T4:

> Any payment terminal supported

Whether traditional payment terminal, Android terminals, with or without touch screens, Robot T4 supports any payment terminal.

> Supports up to 4 terminals

Simply mount your terminals on the robot, quickly calibrate it and start testing. Flexible configuration option is possible, so you can choose how many terminals you support and only pay for what you need.

> Super easy card calibration

Calibrating the card insertion is now simple and hassle free.

> Ultra-fast finger

Speed is of the essence, so we made sure our robot finger runs fast and can serve multiple terminals without slowing testing down. The finger is so fast, we even had to slow it down artificially so the terminals can register all the buttons being pressed.

> Support for gestures

These days, many payment terminals are based on Android and understand gestures as interactions. Robot T4 supports this.

> Display for status information

The display shows status messages, for example it shows if the robot is online and at what IP address it can be reached at.

> Improved set up

Robot set up and calibration is even easier than for Robot T1 so our clients can start testing faster.

> Simple API

Our existing API also supports Robot T4 and continues to be a very simple way to integrate robots.

> Integrated with PaytestHub

Robot T4 is integrated with PaytestHub, so you can use all the benefits of cloud testing with the best test robot.



Which robot to choose?

While Robot T4 will bring many advantages and additional features, we will still supply Robot T1 as one of our flagship products. Both devices have their specific capabilities and price points and serve their corresponding use cases.

Robot T1 is a lighter weight solution that caters for all your standard use cases. Maybe use this robot as entry your level product for when you get started with with automation, or have a smaller fleet of terminals.

Use Robot T4 if you want to scale up your testing on multiple terminals to take the next step in your automation journey. We, or one of our great partners, can help you to get going and achieve your goals.

Visit our Product Catalogue for more information.

When is Robot T4 available?

Product delivery will be starting at the beginning of 2023.
Get in touch with us for more information, for booking a demo or pre-order Robot T4.


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