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Payment Terminal Test Automation: What should I be testing?

We get this question all the time. And it’s a good question to ask!  


Payment terminal software needs to be tested on a regular basis to ensure data is being processed accurately, and errors are corrected quickly. Every business that uses card terminals relies hugely on the accuracy of these machines. If their payment terminals aren’t working properly, then their business can’t operate properly.  

Historically terminals were tested manually by humans making repeated transaction and recording errors that occurred. Luckily this is a thing of the past, and test automation through the use of robots and specialised APIs is streamlining the process of testing and certifying payment terminals.  

Getting started with test automation 

Our test automation clients at Abrantix often fall into the trap of seeking out their most complex edge cases, and trying to automate these first. 

Keep It Simple! One of the biggest benefits of automating payment terminal testing is that it takes the tedious, monotonous work out of people’s hands, so that they can concentrate on more important tasks. The bulk of the test cases that we see clients needing to perform are simple operations, for example: 

   > Purchase with Visa 1$ 

   > Purchase with MasterCard 2$ 

   > Refund with Amex 5$ 

Start with the simple test cases first. Many of our clients have hundreds of these simple cases to perform, taking multiple human testers multiple days to complete.  

While these simple automated tests are being executed in the background, test engineers can focus their attention on more complex test and edge cases (or doing anything else!). Imagine how much free time you’d have if you could automate even half of your test cases!

So where do you start?

Simple! Utilizing an Agile system of terminal test automation can see you soon reaching up to 80% or even 100% of tests being automated; opening up resources, reducing bottlenecks and keeping products in market.



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