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Revolutionising Payment Test Automation: Abrantix and IntelliQA

In today's digital age, payment technology solutions are more critical than ever before.  The payment industry is highly complex, and payment systems must be highly secure, reliable, and efficient.  IntelliQA and Abrantix have joined forces to provide comprehensive payment test automation solutions to businesses in the payment industry.

Abrantix is a global leader in payment technology solutions, offering over 20 years of experience in payment software engineering, terminal test automation, and payment reconciliation tools.

IntelliQA is a Retail Point of Sale Test automation leader with an award-winning innovation capability and a reputation for excellent client service and success.

Our partnership delivers efficient and innovative payment test automation solutions to the leaders in the retail and payment sectors.

A Partnership that Delivers Business Benefits

The partnership offers a unique combination of test automation and payment domain expertise that delivers high-quality payment test automation solutions that save time and money and yield significant quality improvements.

Payment test automation is an essential aspect of the payment industry, as it ensures that payment systems are highly reliable, secure, and efficient.

Abrantix has been providing payment applications for large acquirers since 2001, which are used on over 70 different terminal models from different manufacturers. The large number of terminals on the market, as well as the different models of these, requires constant attention to ensure that they function correctly, reliably and safely. To meet this demand, we have recognised the importance of automated testing and its impact on customer satisfaction and are committed to testing and quality assurance. Agile development methodologies, continuous integration and deployment of new tooling and automation capabilities, and user feedback and testing have been implemented to ensure that software quality and release cycles meet customer expectations. This commitment led to the development of a complete payment testing environment that includes test robots, card multiplexers, card probes and PaytestHub™ testing software, providing a complete solution for payment testing needs.

IntelliQA has a strong understanding of the payments industry that helps address payment scenarios comprehensively. The IntelliQA Retail Point of Sale Test Automation Solution addresses the full point of sale, focusing on the register, the pinpad and card payments (and covering other peripherals).  IntelliQA architects solutions combining expertise and Keysight Test Automation technology to provide a readily understood model-based approach with technology-agnostic test automation such that IntelliQA can automate with any register.  Their fuel payment test solutions  address the Outdoor Payment Terminal and the kiosk.  IntelliQA can provide a full solution or help you address aspects challenging you and can provide bespoke robotics for specific challenges. IntelliQA clients have achieved significant business benefits from our partnership, realising comprehensive and repeatable testing that takes hours rather than weeks to execute.

We are proud to be a long-standing partner of IntelliQA and help developing effective and smooth testing solutions for clients by integrating Abrantix payment test components and robotics.

Trust and Fun together build something bigger and better

Working with this partnership has been a delightful experience, as we share a common goal of providing cutting-edge and efficient payment test automation solutions.

Our partnership is based on a foundation of mutual trust and a dedication to providing outstanding value to our clients.  We share a strong drive for excellence.  Our partnership has yielded award-winning results.

Daniel Eckstein, Chief Visionary Officer of Abrantix, said: "IntelliQA is our rock star partner in payment test automation.  They push the boundaries of innovation and bring us forward with their professionalism and innovative solutions.  We are always excited to collaborate with them and impressed by their dedication to excellence."

Paul Kaye, CEO of IntelliQA Limited, said: "Abrantix is a fantastic partner; it is a genuine pleasure to work closely with them and integrate their innovative payment test components into our solutions.  We offer our clients unparalleled value and quality in retail test automation."

The partnership is a winning combination that delivers innovative and high-quality payment test automation solutions for retailers.  It is built on our shared vision for excellence and a commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients.  We look forward to helping you to elevate your POS testing to the next level.

If you are interested in learning more about how Abrantix and IntelliQA can help you with your payment test automation needs, please contact us at or


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