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Why investing in a Terminal Testing Robot is a no brainer

Are you already using a Terminal Testing Robot? Find out why you should.

If you run EFTPOS terminal applications DevOps, you will spend a lot of time testing your new releases. That may be functional testing (new features, bug fixes, regression testing) or even some certification tests (EMV Level 3 like ADV/TIP etc.). Traditionally, this is done manually and you will have a team of testers. Testers in this field must have a rather good technical understanding and know about payments. Senior testers will know details about payment protocols, EMV flags and much more. Therefore, these are valuable resources to your company.

At Abrantix, we do run EFTPOS terminal applications DevOps. Early on we recognized that we must automate terminal testing. Otherwise, how else do you reliably test a terminal application that supports 33+ languages, 5+ payment protocols, numerous ECR interfaces, 25+ add-on features and much more? We maintain a database of around 20,000 test cases for the terminal application. Therefore, if we were to run all of these tests manually, it would take us an estimated 3 months. Admittedly, we don’t have to run all tests in a release cycle, but you get the picture.

Hence, we developed our EFTPOS Terminal Testing Robot. This is so we can fully automate terminal testing. For us, this made a huge difference to our DevOps. You can read more about our experience with the Terminal Testing Robot here.

Benefits of using Terminal Testing Robots

Here is a list of reasons why you will benefit from a robot as well:

  • Higher test through put (faster testing)
  • Highly educated test staff can work on new and better tests, instead of wasting time with recurring manual labour
  • Increase your test scalability (adding 5 more robots is much easier than adding 5 more well educated testers)
  • Minimize test errors due to manual test procedures
  • Increased quality with more and better tests
  • Better test coverage
  • Lower cost per test run (in general)
  • Faster time to market
  • A Terminal Testing Robot does not take vacations and can work over night
  • Terminal Testing Robots are of industrial quality
  • Repetitive testing (Once a test was created, it can be run many times effortlessly)
  • Repeatability (Once a test was created, it will always be executed in the exact same way)
  • Add our card multiplexer to the mix and solve the problem of constantly missing test cards
  • Talk to us about EMV Level 3 test automation and speed up your certification pipeline
  • Motivate your testers by providing interesting work, instead of just pressing buttons all day long
  • A Terminal Testing Robot and automated testing enable state of the art development methodologies such as continuous integration
  • A Terminal Testing Robot and automated testing will allow you to perform a larger number of transactions in a row. Do it. Something interesting will happen (s. 5,000 Transactions in a row test)
  • A Terminal Testing Robot can help you to run regression tests earlier in your sprints. This will increase your efficiency
  • A Terminal Testing Robot and automated testing will help you to formalize your test procedures
  • A Terminal Testing Robot and automated testing will help you to gather and store detailed test results for each test case

Revolutionize your terminal testing

We provide a number of ways on how to use the Terminal Testing Robot. If you already use automated testing, you can simply integrate the standalone robot in your solution. However, its no problem if you don’t already have automated testing. Talk to us about our Test Environment Software. We can help you to get started. Of course we also provide solutions for enterprise clients to fully integrate with other solutions (s. Payment Test Robots go Enterprise Testing).

Join us and revolutionise your testing. Talk to us to take the next step.


Martin Gloor

Martin is responsible for our Test Automation Product Department and Abrantix in the APAC region. He is a payment industry specialist with a high knowledge of the business and in-depth technical skills.

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