PaytestHub - the Payment Test Automation Cloud

Test any payment terminal, anywhere, anytime. Implementing payment test automation, especially when involving hardware, can be challenging and used to take weeks or even months. Not anymore. With PaytestHub test automation cloud platform you will be up and running in no time. Even when using robots, on-prem or in our cloud. Test any EFTPOS terminal, anywhere, anytime.

Real Device Testing from the Cloud

Despite writing and running your test cases in the cloud, they will still be executed against real devices. Much like if you were to manually test a payment terminal, just automated.

Hardware Accessories

All seamlessly integrated:

Abrantix Robots to press buttons and gesture on touch screens.
Abrantix Card Multiplexers to switch between different EMV cards, including contact cards, contactless or mobile wallets.
Abrantix Magstripe probes to swipe track data.
Cameras with OCR to recognize display or receipt messages.
UL Brand Test Tool for card simulation.

For more information about the Abrantix hardware click here.

Software Accessories

Endless extensibility for software accessories, for example to validate host messages the EFTPOS terminal sends and receives.

Test Library and Import of existing test cases

You can create your own test library and write test cases manually as scripts or through a simple graphical user interface. No deep scripting knowledge is required.
Build test sets to execute your cases, running everything remotely and fully automated.

We can also import your existing test cases. You can keep running them manually through PaytestHub while migrating step by step to automation.

Reporting and Logging

Each test run will generate a detailed report so you can see if everything is OK or if a step failed and why. Detailed log data is available for each test run.

Devices on-premise or in the Abrantix Device Cloud

You can operate all hardware on premise, or we can run it for you in the Abrantix Device Cloud.
Regardless of this, you always have a central entry point in the cloud to operate everything.

Functional testing, regression testing or EMV Level 3 testing.

Built for all terminal testing scenarios, you can write your functional and regression test cases.

PaytestHub can also support EMV Level 3 certification testing.

Testing as a Service

Abrantix also offers a testing as a service option to manage and run the whole testing for our clients.

Contact us directly to find out more about the service!


We have a team of specialists that will help you at any stage.
Setting up test cases, migrating to automation, setting up robots, configuring hardware, we can help with whatever you need.

Fully automated, cloud-based solution. Saving you money and time.
Start testing in a matter of days, run tests remotely and 24/7.
Offers automated regression testing and EMV Level 3 certification.
No deep scripting knowledge needed.
Supports remote teams. Test with real terminals, but from a remote location.

Writing a test case in PaytestHub

Interpreting PaytestHub Extension API Results

Switching between extensions in PaytestHub

PaytestHub OCR Extension features

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