EFTPOS Terminal Testing Robot

The most efficient way to automate your testing. Test automation is one of the biggest challenges in the EFTPOS terminal industry. There is a fast paced growth of features and capabilities for payment terminals. As a result, QA is confronted with increased workload and becomes the bottleneck in the release cycle. The Robot can help you to automate your testing.

Three Axis Robot

With up to 4 card arms, depending on the model.
Flexible arm calibration - no calibration projects required.
Ethernet connectivity.

All terminal types supported

Whether its a traditional payment terminal, an Android terminal, with or without touch screen, any payment terminal is supported.

PIN entry & pressing keypad buttons

Robot finger which runs fast and can support up to four terminals without slowing testing down.

Touch screen including gestures is also supported.

Card insert and eject

Easy calibration of card arm insertion with our card arms.

Contactless and magstripe probe supported.

Additional card arms optionally available as accessory - the number supported is dependant on the robot model.

Real-time display or receipt text recognition

Camera supporting optical text recongition optionally available to validate terminal screens or receipts.

PaytestHub Integration

Fully integrated with PaytestHub, so you can use all the benefits of cloud testing with the best test robot.

Click here to find out more about PaytestHub!

Simple API

Simple API for fast integration.

Solution and API also seamlessly integrated with UL Brand Test Tool.

Magstripe Probe Integration

Seamlessly integrates with Abrantix Magstripe Probe.

Click here to find out more about our probes!

Card Multiplexer integration

Seamlessly integrates with Abrantix Card Multiplexers supporting contact and contactless cards.

Click here to find out more about our Card Multiplexers!

Reduced bottlenecks, no human errors, lower costs and up to 90% faster testing times.
Fully automated testing. Robots run tests 24/7 on all types of terminals.
Scheme compliance through automation with the UL Brand Test Tool (BTT) and the EMV Level 3 testing option.
Faster delivery cycles and agile processes. Testers and Developers can test software changes automatically.
Automated testing leaves you with more time and knowledge to write more and better test cases supporting innovation.

World first: Automated testing of contactless mobile wallet transactions on any payment terminal

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