JPM DCC-USA EMV™ Test Card Set (6 cards)

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JPM DCC-USA EMV™ Test Card Set (6 cards)

A set designed for and with J.P. Morgan and Chase Paymentech - oriented to customers seeking to test Dynamic Currency Conversion in the U.S.

This DCC card set was designed, in close co-operation with Chase Paymentech and J.P. Morgan in the U.S., to perform User Acceptance Testing (application development and testing), train support personnel and perform demonstrations. This card set includes cards from a range of countries and currencies chosen specifically by our development partners. Four of the six cards contain both a chip and a magstripe with the remaining two being magstripe-only. The two cards denoted as “DI” (Dual Interface) also support EMV contactless. Additionally, some cards are configured with two AIDs.

Card Expiry Dates (by Brand):
Mastercard 12/2025, 05/2028; Visa 12/2025, 05/2028

The test cards are governed by the B2PS Terms and Conditions, which can be found here. When buying and using these test cards, you agree to these conditions.

The test cards are shipped from Canada, thus import taxes and duties may apply.

Card details

  • Test Card 01 – Visa, 403276******0003, MSR, Canada, CAD
  • Test Card 02 – Mastercard, 510020******0004, Contact-only, France, EUR
  • Test Card 03 – Mastercard, 512079******0000, MSR, Japan, JPY
  • Test Card 04 – Visa, 491218******0009, DI, 2-AID, S. Korea, WON
  • Test Card 05 – Mastercard, 528180******0002, Contact-only, 2-AID, Chile, CLP
  • Test Card 06 – Mastercard, 510108******0009, DI, Great Britain, GBP

Note:   Card images may not reflect current card definitions. Please refer to product documentation for details.

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