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PayestProbe is the ideal probe for automated payment testing. It is used by test tools as EMV contact and contactless card probe and also provides a simple way of swiping any arbitrary magstripe data. Examples of test tools are EMV Level 3 certification tools, or even tools hosting cards in the cloud.

Paytestprobe is designed to make your transaction testing experience seamless and efficient. You can use PaytestProbe in the following ways: 

  • PaytestProbe can be used as part of EMV Level 3 certification tools. For now, PaytestProbe is supported by the ICCSim TMat Test Tool, where it can be used instead of plastic cards. In this use case, PaytestProbe streamlines the testing process and not only saves your business valuable time but also helps reduce operational costs. 
  • PaytestProbe can be used to swipe magstripe data during automated testing. 

More use cases, automation and support by other tools will follow in the future.  

PaytestProbe is a flexible probe with a lightweight API, enabling easy integration. Please contact us if you are interested in a partnership to equip your card test tools with a state-of-the-art probe or if you want to automate your card testing. 

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