UAT Canada EMV™ Test Card Set (16 cards)

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UAT Canada EMV™ Test Card Set (16 cards)

Our newest and most comprehensive EMV test card set for the Canadian market. This card set includes Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and Interac Debit cards featuring a variety of Cardholder Verification Methods.

Visa-only replacement cards with an extended expiry date of 12/2024 are available for this UAT Canada test card set. Please click here to view all available Visa replacement sets. Designed specifically for the Canadian market, this set of 16 EMV test cards is ideally suited for User Acceptance Testing (application development and testing), training support personnel and performing demonstrations. The set contains both cards Canadian and U.S. cards and all cards contain a magstripe. Individual cards denoted as “Dual Interface” operate in both EMV contact and EMV contactless modes.  The Visa Dual Interface cards support contactless EMV only – they do not support contactless MSD.

TECHNICAL NOTICE from Interac – it pertains only to Test Cards 11 and 12.  We advise you to read before ordering this set:  Issuer simulator setup for Flash Cards

  • When using the contact interface in an Acquirer test environment, the Issuer simulator must be configured to return value ‘8840’ in ARPCrc response (ARPCrc byte 1 bits 6-3 should be set to zero).
  • Unless Issuer simulator is configured to return ‘8840’, a contact transaction may block the card.
    B2 will charge to replace cards blocked in this manner.

The Interac Flash test cards in this set are in the ‘001203’ BIN range.
These cards are supported by all Canadian processors but are not yet supported by all U.S. and International processors.

Check with your acquirer account representative to determine if this Interac Flash BIN range is supported by their development host.
If your processor does not yet support Interac Flash, the card will function properly at the POS device but it will not obtain a host approval.

Card Expiry Dates (by Brand):
Amex 12/2024; Discover 05/2026; Interac 12/2028; Mastercard 12/2025; Visa 12/2024

The test cards are governed by the B2PS Terms and Conditions, which can be found here. When buying and using these test cards, you agree to these conditions.

The test cards are shipped from Canada, thus import taxes and duties may apply.

Card details

  • Test Card 01 – Visa, 476173******0043, Dual Interface, Offline Capable, Offline PIN
  • Test Card 02 – Visa, 476173******0011, USA, Signature
  • Test Card 03 – Visa, 476173******0243, NO CVM
  • Test Card 04 – Visa, 476173******0267, Chip Error (Technical Fallback)
  • Test Card 05 – Mastercard, 541333******4111, Dual Interface, Online Only, Signature
  • Test Card 06 – Mastercard, 541333******4111, Dual Interface, Offline Capable, Offline PIN
  • Test Card 07 – Mastercard, 541333******0011, ARPC Verification Fails (Chip Decline)
  • Test Card 08 – Mastercard, 541333******0029, Chip Error (Technical Fallback)
  • Test Card 09 – Mastercard, 541333******0011, Empty Candidate List (Fallback)
  • Test Card 10 – Interac, 001203******0003, Dual Interface, Debit, OEP, English
  • Test Card 11 – Interac, 001203******0003, Dual Interface, Debit, OEP, French
  • Test Card 12 – Amex 374245*****1007, Dual Interface, Online Only, Offline PIN
  • Test Card 13 – Amex, 374245*****1003, Dual Interface, Online Only, Offline PIN
  • Test Card 14 – Amex 374245*****1006, Chip Error (Technical Fallback)
  • Test Card 15 – Discover, 651000******0844, Dual Interface, Online Only, Offline PIN
  • Test Card 16 – Discover, 651000******0810, Chip Error (Technical Fallback)

Note:   Card images may not reflect current card definitions. Please refer to product documentation for details.

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