UAT MSD Contactless Test Card Set (2 cards)

$ 150.00
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UAT MSD Contactless Test Card Set (2 cards)

This set is intended to help merchants determine if their contactless readers support magstripe-grade contactless-only products or validate they have properly disabled contactless MSD support.

This card set includes one Visa and one Mastercard Dual Interface contact / contactless Magstripe only cards, that do not include EMV contactless support.

Both cards support MSD contactless only and will fail when the POS device only supports EMV contactless.

This card set expires 12/2022.

The test cards are governed by the B2PS Terms and Conditions, which can be found here. When buying and using these test cards, you agree to these conditions.

Card details

  • Test Card 01 - Visa, 476173 ****** 0027, Dual Interface, MSD Contactless Only
  • Test Card 02 - Mastercard, 541333 ****** 4111, Dual Interface, MSD Contactless Only

Note:   Card images may not reflect current card definitions. Please refer to product documentation for details.

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