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Don’t waste your time testing terminals.

Test more, better and faster with Abrantix test automation tools. EFTPOS terminals will become more complex and require more testing and increasing demand will require faster release cycles. Test automation is the solution: it is faster, less expensive and leads to better quality and higher earnings for our clients. Our solutions enable the automation of up to 80% of your regression or certification tests.

90% faster testing
with robots.
A human can perform about 100 transaction test cases per day. Our robots can do 1000 and be more accurate along the way. This speed and accuracy will enable you to remove human error and testing bottlenecks. Say goodbye to week-long test cycles and implement agile processes in a cost-efficient way.
Test any terminal, from anywhere, at any time.
Implementing test automation, especially when involving hardware, can be challenging and used to take weeks or even months. Not anymore. With PaytestHub test automation cloud platform you will be up and running in no time. Even when using robots, on-prem or in our cloud. Test any terminal, anywhere, anytime.
Fully automated testing. Test software changes automatically and have more time and ressources to innovate.
Reduce bottlenecks and human errors and therefore also costs.
Run tests 24/7 and achieve 90% faster delivery cycles and agile processes.
Modular product, easy to integrate and scale. Compatible with existing solutions and scheme compliance.
Test from remote or on site. Market-leading, mature and state-of-the-art set of tools for small to large enterprises.

Test automation scenarios

You already have automation.
Integrate one or more of our products using our simple on-premise API. Optionally, you can also configure and manage all our products from remote through PaytestHub.
You have no automation yet.
PaytestHub is the perfect solution for you. PaytestHub is a cloud based platform for payment testing and automation. All our products are neatly integrated and you will have your first automated test in no time. You can run all our hardware products on-premise, or choose to run them from the Abrantix device cloud.
You are an enterprise using a test system but have more needs.
Integrate one single API and get access to all Abrantix automation components (hardware and software) and access all our extensions through the same API.
>> Abrantix and their tools fit very well to help us achieve providing high quality and quick delivery to customers in our test practices. The solution was easy to integrate and closed an end to end automation gap.
Antony Kaplan - Test Director, REPL Group
>> Automated testing is a key part of our development process. The Abrantix Multiplexer is a great addition to our test automation setup. We have successfully integrated it with our framework.
Sari Salin-Tuomela - Senior Manager, Quality Assurance, IT Merchant Services, Nets Denmark
>> Abrantix is a fantastic partner; it is a genuine pleasure to work closely with them and integrate their innovative payment test components into our test automation solutions.
Paul Kaye - CEO, IntelliQA Limited
>> Abrantix test automation is a leading edge approach for ADVAM and the payments industry, freeing our highly skilled team to focus on the more complex elements of testing and release to market.
Paul Sidwell - Regional Managing Director, ADVAM
>> We have an excellent reputation for quality and service with our clients. Adding test automation was the next logical step for us and we are happy to have found Abrantix and their robots.
Steven Ooi - COO, Quest Payment Systems

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