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Payment Test Robots go Enterprise Testing

We had several great success stories last year. We have built our first lot of robots in a real production environment and sold them all to over 13 countries around the globe. Robots are now on all continents and help innovative payment companies to automate their terminal testing and improve their product quality. We delivered to payment terminal manufacturers, acquirers and payment terminal suppliers, as well as to some very big merchants having several thousands of cash registers in many configurations. To satisfy these big customers we had to integrate the robots into their enterprise testing infrastructure.

Integration into Enterprise Testing Solutions

We are proud to have achieved tight integration with Micro Focus Automated Testing Solutions. This helps our customers to accelerate delivery, and ensures quality and security at every stage of the payment application lifecycle. We used a framework with Micro Focus Octane for enterprise visibility, UFT (Unified Functional Testing) and LeanFT for test automation and Mobile Center to assist with MPoS test automation. This brings payments testing to the modern era of Continuous Integration and DevOps.

Furthermore, we have just integrated with the product suite of Eggplant – Delivering True Test Automation.

Our decision to equip the robot with a simple and flexible REST interface proved to be the right choice. With this architecture it was easy to integrate the robot with these Enterprise Test Solutions. These solutions offer a massive benefit for our large-scale enterprise customers. For example, they allow to add Digital Automation Intelligence, a modern AI-assisted approach, to create outstanding products and deliver at DevOps speed.

We also integrate with Jira and now offer an interface to integrate with virtually every test automation solution in the market. We have developed a specialized payment test software called Abrantix Test Environment. Test Environment encapsulates all payment relevant interfaces and drivers and exposes these services through a single, flexible API. This way, we can provide control over host simulations, card emulators such as Card Mux or UL BTT, ECR or Petrol fuel pump simulators through one single interface. This gives you the ability to integrate at high speed while using all of our testing tools. Which then gives you a fast start into test automation in a very heterogeneous payment world.

Single Interface for all payment needs

Before we took Test Environment to market, it was quite difficult to integrate all of the different test tools such as robots and card simulators with an enterprise test automation suite. For every Robot, Card Mux, UL BTT, Magstripe Probe, Host Simulator, etc. a special driver had to be written and integrated. Many interfaces had to be connected, which was costly and time consuming.

With the new approach you only need to integrate one single interface to get access to all of our (and our partners) payment tools.

The integration with Enterprise Test Solutions was mostly done by our Partner IntelliQA in London. They are specialized in consultancy that addresses the Quality Assurance challenges in the real-world. Their knowledge of system delivery combined with industrialised test automation is highly appreciated by their discerning clients.

In the US and Canadian Market we work with our longtime Partner B2 Payment Systems. They deliver professional EMV, Contactless and NFC consulting services and they provide a large suite of payment testing products.

Specialized extensions, adapters and drivers for Test Environment are usually built by us on customers demand. We also offer the option for customers to build their own adapters. This allows a high degree of flexibility when customizing Test Environment tailored to your needs.

To get a better understanding of the Abrantix Test Environment you can download a product description here:

New Robot production facility in Slovenia

We are looking forward to an exiting year with many more products coming from our engineering team. It all starts with the opening of our Robot Production Facility in Koper, Slovenia by the end of January 2019. We will have Robots, Card Mux, Base Plates in stock and are happy to serve many more customers around the globe.

Daniel Eckstein

Daniel is the Chair of the Board and Founder of Abrantix, a visionary, lateral thinker and the driving force behind Abrantix. With his other partners he has developed the company into a leader in payment software engineering.

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