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Mastercard PayPass transactions on vending machines

You just want to have a quick cup of coffee or a quick drink before a meeting. Wouldn’t it be nice and easy if you could just wave your Mastercard and get your coffee or drink? If you would work in Switzerland this could be the case.

We have just installed several AX-T1 payment devices that accept Mastercard PayPass transactions. This really is the way to go on low value payments. Nothing is easier than to wave your card and get your coffee. We get a tremendous positive feedback from the users. They really like this system.

If you think this is cool just post your feedback. If you are an acquirer and you also want to accept low-value payments without pin, just call us. And we think that this system is not only for coffee and snacks. It could also be for parking, road toll, car wash, transport, etc. Just anywhere where low-value payments must be processed fast, secure and easy.

Check out the video:

We have now made the vending machine to PC interface that the AXT1 use available to the public. You can buy the MDB converter here.

Abrantix is a payment software engineering company and has extensive knowledge around card payments and EMV. Abrantix also sell an EMV Level 2 Kernel.

Daniel Eckstein

Daniel is the Chair of the Board and Founder of Abrantix, a visionary, lateral thinker and the driving force behind Abrantix. With his other partners he has developed the company into a leader in payment software engineering.

Comment by Vending Machines |

That’s nice information now people will feel very easy to get anything from vending machine that just put the card into the machine and select the item what they want from a vending machines. This is a really good idea. Thanks for sharing this valuable blog hope to see the next update soon.

Comment by Jim |

Nice information..

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